SME Page

Super Mario Earth

This is a hack which can be played on a modified Wii or Wii U. No piracy, backup images or hardware modifications are required. This mod is a SMG1 Hack with edits on galaxies. (We might switch to SMG2 if there any problem that cant be fixed.)

SME Features...

10+ Custom Edits.

Unused Things are Back!

A few custom galaxies! (maybe...)

Supports 3 versions.





Check out the trailers!

SME Testing (Castle Gardens)

SME Tralier

SME Discord Server

Screenshots (Beta)

img-flipspringgalaxy-001 img-flipspringgalaxy-002 img-sweeticedgalaxy-001 img-sweeticedgalaxy-002 img-riseonthetop-001


  • Captain Toad (TheMarioChannel): Founder & Idea Maker, Helping and Project leader
  • Fluma48 (sus name): Co-Founder, Testing, Level ideas, Builder of this website
  • L-Dev: Made Title Logo
  • SuperWarrior101: Co builder of this website, Helped me setup and finding the Delfino font!
  • Download Links

    Click here to download the demo.